16 oz. SquidCup Tumbler with Lid & Base

16 oz. SquidCup Tumbler with Lid & Base

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The complete SquidCup system!

The SquidCup system consists of a rubberized flexible base that has multiple suction cups on the bottom to create a temporary, yet secure platform to be used with a specially designed SquidCup Tumbler. The SquidCup Base and Tumbler are designed to work together creating a movable, magnetic and secure system that will hold any beverage in place withstanding just about any motion on the water or road.  SquidCup also works great in existing shallow cup holders that are found on most molded plastic tables, to add an extra level of non-spill protection!

Each SquidCup features:

  • Powerful NdFeB Rare Earth Magnets embedded in both Cup and Base for a strong, secure hold under most any conditions.
  • Double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold or hot.
  • Highly durable, magnetized silicone rubber base with “squid-like” suction cups that can be moved to wherever needed!

Please note that the SquidCup Base (suction) will not be effective on any non-smooth surfaces such as most types of wood, non-skid fiberglass, or any surface that is textured or porous.  SquidCup is most effective on any smooth, solid surface such as fiberglass, molded plastic tables, granite, Corian, stainless steel, etc.