The SquidCup Story: How Our Non-Tipping Tumblers Saved Boaters from Spilling Disasters

From Prototype to Perfection: The Development of Our Innovative Cup Holder System

SquidCup was created in 2018 by lifelong boating and outdoor enthusiasts after enduring 25+ years of spilling disasters, whether at anchor or underway!  We’ve owned boats ranging in size from 20’ to 50’ and the one thing they all have in common is too few cup holders, or cup holders that are in the wrong place or just too shallow to be secure.  So, we decided to create a product that will help eliminate that issue for boaters, RV enthusiasts or even at home and in the car for kids and families. After 18 months of prototyping, refining and real-world testing, we’re extremely proud and excited to share SquidCup with the community.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve received from other boaters, RV owners and our new customers.  Because of this response, we’re rapidly developing additional types of cups and devices to use with our “SquidCup” system!