Use & Care Instructions

Press the bottom of the SquidCup Base onto any smooth, solid surface such as fiberglass, molded plastics, granite, Corian, stainless steel, etc.  Once secured, the Tumbler can be taken on and off the Base with ease.  Left on the Base, the Tumbler will stay securely in place withstanding just about any motion on the water or cup holder needed!  If the SquidCup Base starts to release its suction from the surface, simply tap down by hand or Tumbler to re-establish suction.  For best results, slightly dampen suction cups before pressing onto surface. The SquidCup Base can be easily removed and repositioned by simply pulling up on the lip edge. Please note that suction will not be effective on any non-smooth surfaces such as most types of wood, non-skid fiberglass, or any surface that is textured or porous.

Hand wash only using mild soap.  Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.

Warning: Do not place in microwave, do not expose to heat over 180 degrees, do not place in freezer.